Care and maintenance for your dry herb cannabis vape New Zealand

Care and maintenance for your dry herb cannabis vape New Zealand

Everyday care

Hello friends! It’s just a natural fact that any cannabis implement will get dirty with use and will need a bit of care to keep from getting to be a sticky mess and we’re here to help.

Good, fresh New Zealand cannabis can impart a sticky residue in any state but if you heat it up, like in a vape, it can leave a sticky black resin behind. This resin is best dealt with early and frequently to keep a piece in good working order.

Quick vape maintenance - empty, brush & bake

The best thing you can do to keep your herb vape clean is to empty the chamber while the cannabis and chamber are still warm. As the chamber cools more of the resin will stick to the walls. Brush out the chamber and mouthpiece screen with the little brush that comes with most vapes and that should keep it pretty clean. 

The next thing you should do most often is to run the unit on full heat periodically while it’s empty to let any extra oils bake off. Just set the unit to full temperature and start a heating cycle with the cannabis chamber empty and let it run the full time period. You’ll get different results with the mouthpiece on and off so we recommend both from time to time.

Cleaning and deep cleaning your cannabis vape

Isopropyl alcohol is your friend. Isopropyl alcohol is an amphipathic solvent that dissolves oils.

Make yourself a little kit with a small bottle of isopropyl alcohol and cotton buds and or cotton balls for cleaning your cannabis vape. Also helpful are a little metal poker or pin and some cheap tweezers. This will allow you to handle most any tough cleaning jobs.

First thing, wipe down the exterior of the unit with the ISO and a cotton ball or clean cloth. Get any residue off the outside and then on the chamber feed area, scraping off any material or gunk as you go.

Next, wipe out the bowl with the ISO and set the unit to run on a full temperature heating cycle while you move on to the mouthpiece.

With the weed vape mouthpiece, try and remove any buildup on the underside and where your mouth touches the item.

All vapes are different but often they will have silicon parts and metal screens in the mouthpieces to facilitate cooling the cannabis vapor before you breathe it in.

Carefully remove the mouthpiece internal parts. Clean the silicone pieces with ISO and set aside. 

The metal screens can be burned clean and reused. Carefully remove any gromit or silicone piece from around the metal screen, hold it with tweezers or a pair of pliers and light the screen on fire. It may burn quite vigorously and smell bad so this is best done outside. After the screen has cooled you should be able to scrape off the ash and use the item again.

Reassemble the various, now clean, parts of your cannabis weed vape and mouthpiece. Be careful not to use any of your dirty cotton or utensils for a final wipe down. Allow the unit to run for one full heating cycle to get rid of any ISO residue and you're done! 

You now have a nice, clean cannabis vape, ready to use.

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