How to Cold Dab - for Beginners

How to Cold Dab - for Beginners

Cold dabbing (or cold start dabbing) is an innovative method for consuming cannabis concentrates, offering a smoother and more flavourful experience compared to traditional dabbing. Here’s a beginner’s guide on how to cold dab.

What is Cold Dabbing?

Cold dabbing involves placing the concentrate on the nail or banger before applying heat, as opposed to the traditional method of heating the nail first and then applying the concentrate. This method allows for a more controlled and gradual vaporisation process, preserving the terpenes and resulting in a richer flavour profile.

Steps for Cold Dabbing

  1. Begin by preparing your equipment. Make sure you have a dab rig, a torch, a dab tool, and your chosen concentrate. Ensure that the nail or banger is clean before you start. Using your dab tool, place a small amount of concentrate directly onto the nail or banger while it is still cool.

  2. Next, use the torch to heat the nail or banger gradually. Start by heating the base of the nail and work your way up to avoid overheating. As the nail heats, the concentrate will start to melt and vaporise. Watch for the first signs of vapor production. Once vapor starts to form, begin inhaling through the mouthpiece. Continue to heat the nail gently to maintain a steady vaporisation without burning the concentrate.

  3. If the vapour production slows, you can apply a bit more heat to maintain the desired temperature. Be careful to avoid overheating, as this can burn the concentrate and result in a harsh taste.

Benefits of Cold Dabbing

Cold dabbing preserves the delicate terpenes in your concentrate, offering a richer and more nuanced flavour profile compared to traditional dabbing methods. The gradual heating process produces a smoother vapor, which is gentler on the throat and lungs, providing a more pleasant dabbing experience. Additionally, cold dabbing allows for better temperature control, reducing the risk of overheating and burning your concentrate, which can lead to a harsh taste and wasted product.

Cold dabbing is a beginner-friendly method that enhances the flavour and smoothness of your dabbing experience. By placing the concentrate on a cool nail and gradually applying heat, you can enjoy the full spectrum of flavours and effects that cannabis concentrates have to offer. Give cold dabbing a try to discover a new level of enjoyment in your concentrate consumption.
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