New In - FENiX Mini Dry Herb Vape

New In - FENiX Mini Dry Herb Vape

This is a great little ripper! With fine temperature control, fast heating, haptic feedback and an awesome glowing green chamber, this one is pretty unique.

The FENiX Mini and a convection unit with very precise temperature control. A convection only device like this heats the air before it passes through the chamber, making for a cooler and more comfortable and effective draw.

It’s small size and six session battery life make it a great discreet option. Plus you can use it while charging, this ends up being a surprisingly useful feature.

There are a lot of branded versions of this unit selling in the US but we found the factory that makes them all. We went right to the source to get the best units for NZ use.

This great, budget friendly, unit gets the job done.

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