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    I quit vaping and it was awesome

    As a healthy non-smoker who took up vaping for six months and quit, I have a unique experience to share. In this three piece article I’ll run through why I started, what I experienced and what it was like to quit vaping.

    Why I started

    When I took up vaping I wasn’t trying to quit smoking, I hadn’t smoked in 15 years and had no desire to start again. I was attracted to vaping for it’s qualities, not as a substitute but as it’s own unique experience.

    I was doing some website updates for VapeMate.co.nz and those folks were nice enough to give me a test unit when I asked what vaping was like.

    The warm vapor, the exotic taste, the calm quiet break to go outside and think, and the very pleasant but not too intense buzz all added up to a winning combination in my book. I adopted vaping into my life and it was sweet.

    I loved that you could have this great personal experience and immediately interact with other people and they didn’t know, you didn’t smell or look any different afterwards. There wasn’t anything that marked you out as one of the others, the smokers.

    It felt great. The nicotine buzz I got from vaping, just 4mg at the time, was very pleasant, not so strong that it was intoxicating but enough so that you definitely felt it and always wanted a bit more. Physically it didn’t seem to hold me back at all, I continued to cycle and play sport with the same intensity without feeling that the vape was interfering at all.

    Next time- As a non smoker what observations did I have after five months of vaping and why I recommend everyone should take up vaping and in time, give it up.

    Paul- Web Admin for VapeMate.co.nz

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    Alcohol Vaporizer- 5 Reasons Why Vaping Alcohol Rocks!

    Alcohol Vaporizer- 5 Reasons Why Vaping Alcohol Rocks!

    We have recently introduced The Vape Mate Alcohol Vaporizer ready to taste your favorite spirit!

    5. Different buzz

    Most of us have been drunk at some point in our lives, some more than others and we know the effect alcohol has on us. Vaporizing alcohol somehow offers a different higher buzz compared to drinking, probably because of how it’s absorbed by the body differently.

    4. It is unique

    Everybody wants to be different and seen to be doing the latest, newest, unique thing – especially on the party scene. An alcohol vaporizer with spirits covers all of these.

    3. It is fun!

    Drinking alcohol can be boring and depressing with deep-rooted stigmas attached. Vaporizing alcohol offers a new fun revolutionary way of consuming your favourite liquor.

    2. No impurities

    With any alcohol production there is an element of impurity: by-products from the manufacturing process, insects and plant life. Vaporizing alcohol removes the impurities and provides a clean and crisp shot of alcohol mist.

    1. No calories

    Alcohol is extremely calorific and is often attributed to weight gain, especially when a person exceeds their recommended daily allowance . When alcohol is vaped, next to no calories go into the body, meaning that the vaped Martini at lunch will not have to be burnt off in the gym.

    Above are five reasons why I think vaping alcohol rocks, it is only my opinion and I like to vape alcohol mainly because I am worried about getting fat and developing a beer belly. Remember though there are dangers involved with vaping alcohol, it is quite easy to give yourself alcohol poisoning as the alcohol is not processed the same as when it is drunk. When vaping alcohol the alcohol is not process by the liver so it goes straight into your bloodstream, this method of delivery gives you no chance of puking up excess alcohol and can quite easily lead to poisoning. It is not advised when vaping alcohol to vape large quantities, a couple of shots is all you need.

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    How Vaporizers Can Help Legalize Cannabis

    How Vaporizers Can Help Legalize Cannabis

    With the recent shift in public opinion regarding cannabis in the past few years, I can’t help but feel that if vaporizers became the primary method to consume cannabis, it would go a long way in helping to boost the legitimacy of the (already legitimate in my opinion!) legalization movement.

    Although the active constituents of cannabis itself (THC, CBD) are very unlikely to cause adverse health problems, the smoke itself can be troublesome and contribute to respiration problems. This fact can lead many opponents to falsely claim that marijuana itself (and not the smoke) is the cause of health problems. For medical marijuana patients who already suffer from respiratory issues, vaporizers can be a great delivery method for their medicine, much like an asthma inhaler for asthmatics. A recent study funded by NORML discovered that

    "It is possible to vaporize medically active tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) by heating marijuana to a temperature short of the point of combustion, thereby eliminating or substantially reducing potentially harmful smoke toxins that are normally present in marijuana smoke. Vaporizers may therefore substantially reduce what is widely regarded as the leading health concern associated with marijuana, namely respiratory harm due to smoking. In addition, many medical marijuana patients say they prefer vaporizers because they deliver smoother, less irritating medication."

    Through the adoption of a superior alternative to combustion, both recreational and medical marijuana users stand to benefit health-wise, and anti-marijuana activists will have less material to attack the movement with. With smoke no longer being a health concern, enjoying cannabis in moderation can be as safe as having a cup of coffee.

    Vaporizers also overcome the issue of smoking bans common in many jurisdictions. Without tar, ash, or secondhand smoke, they are a great option for use in designated public establishments. Vapor bars can be stocked with a wide range of vaporizers to use, providing consumers with a comfortable and smoke-free environment. Edibles are also a safe way to enjoy cannabis, but they can be very potent and too long lasting for some.

    Furthermore, many people don’t realize that smoking cannabis is a very inefficient delivery method. Approximately 80% of cannabis smoke is non-THC, and a lot of this THC gets destroyed due to the high temperatures involved in combustion. The “rush” many people feel from smoking joints is not actually a stronger high, but really due to many of the byproducts found in the smoke (carbon monoxide can produce a lightheaded feeling). Using high quality bud in a vaporizer can produce strong, clear highs without all the extra chemicals found in smoke.

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