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    Why do you need a herbal vaporizer?

    It’s better for you- vaporizers heat up aromatherapy herbs just enough to release its essence, without producing combustion. Your lungs will thank you!

    They are discreet- your clothes, breath and the air around have far less of a scent to those around you. It’s always best to not disturb others while enjoying some aromatherapy.

    A better effect- vaporizers produce a very clean, high minded effect from whatever you choose to vape. You really have to try it to see!

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    How To Choose The Right Vape For Yourself!

    The vape market is exploding with new products - due in part to their rising popularity, as the devices gain widespread attention. With vaporizers of many different sizes, shapes and colors - it can be difficult to choose one that is best suited to your needs - particularly if you are new to the vaping scene.

    This article should help to demystify the vaporizer-buying process, and allow you to make an informed purchase, should you finally decide to see what all the fuss is about, and buy one for yourself!

    We will mainly be discussing 'herbal vaporizers' in this article, though it should be noted that the term 'vaporizer' or 'vape' can refer to any device designed to produce vapour which can be inhaled by the user - including 'e-cigarettes', which are designed to vaporize 'e-liquids' (flavoured liquids which often contain nicotine) as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. Herbal vapes however, are designed to produce vapour through the heating of herbs, as opposed to liquids.

    'So what is so special about vapour?' you may ask. 'And how is it different from smoke?'

    Smoke is the result of combustion (Very high temperature burning of material so that it undergoes a chemical reaction with oxygen in the surrounding air), and consists of a variety of particulates, which are detrimental to our health when ingested.

    Vapour is simply the gaseous version of a liquid. We have all seen water vapour rising from a pot of boiling water, for example. We are able to obtain vapour from herbs, such as tobacco, by gently heating it - so that the liquid within the herb will be converted into vapour. This way, the herb does not undergo combustion - so that only vapour is produced, with none of the harmful carcinogens present in smoke.

    It should be clear then, that inhaling vapour rather that smoke is much better for our health, and so if you are inclined to smoke tobacco and other herbs, and are wary of your health, then you will be much better served by converting to non-combustion inhalation/ingestion methods such as vaporization.

    Now among the herbal vaporizers, there are two main types - 'pen vapes', and 'true vapes'.

    Pen vapes contain an exposed heating coil, which comes into direct contact with the herb - and therefore will cause some combustion to occur. They are generally very light-weight and small - perfect for portability, though unfortunately not much healthier than traditional smoking methods.

    True vapes are those which do not contain an exposed heating coil - but rather, use a small chamber - much like a miniature oven - to gently heat the herb and produce pure vapour. The temperature at which they heat the herb affects the amount of vapour produced, and also the time it takes to produce it. Vaporizers with adjustable temperature settings are useful, as they allow you to find the perfect temperature at which to heat your herb. However, even non-adjustable vapes are suitable, as they are generally designed to reach an optimal temperature for vaporization.

    If you are interested in vaporizing herbal waxes and concentrates, there are also vapes especially designed for this - some of which we sell here at Vape Mate!

    With all of this information in mind, you should carefully read over the product descriptions before buying - to ensure that you find a vape to satisfy your own requirements!

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    E-Cigarettes and why they're awesome

    E-cigarettes are currently taking the tobacco industry by storm, and for good reason! Finally there is a means of 'smoking' tobacco without the negative health consequences.

    The cigarette industry has been a booming business since the mid-20th century when they were first popularized - although they were even around as early as the 9th century, in the form of reeds and smoking tubes in Mexico and Central America.

    At the beginning of the 20th century, the annual per capita cigarette consumption in America was around 54 cigarettes. This number reached a peak of 4259 cigarettes per capita in 1965, notably due to their depiction in movies and other western media. Movie stars were payed generous sums of money to merely be holding a cigarette in a movie, and subsequently the act of smoking became 'chic', or fashionable.

    At the peak of cigarette consumption in 1965, the negative health consequences were not largely understood by the general populace - also a contributing factor to the unprecedented number of people taking up smoking.

    Even now, with widespread knowledge of the cigarette's harmful side effects, smoking still is a pervasive activity in many communities, and countless people continue to struggle with addiction.

    Thankfully, with the invention of the e-cigarette, there is hope for a safer means of ingesting tobacco - and in some cases, a means of 'weaning' addicts off of tobacco altogether.

    Electronic cigarette sales increased from 50,000 in 2008 to 3.5 million in 2012. This meteoric rise in popularity is largely self explanatory - early indications from studies done on the health benefits/detriments of e-cigs are promising, and although further, long term studies are needed - it seems clear that they are a much safer alternative to smoking. Furthermore, with a wide variety of flavours - e-juices are pleasant to vape, providing the user with a tasty cloud of vapour as well as that familiar feeling of comfortable relaxation.

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    The Titan 2 - Vape Mate's Honest Review

    After sampling this vaporizer, we decided we needed to include it in our range! 

    Admittedly, we weren't expecting much from such an inexpensive vaporizer - but boy were we proven wrong!

    It is an exceptionally sturdy device, looking as if it is truly built to last. You needn't worry about toting this vaporizer around in your bag/pocket - its solid design means it can withstand even rougher than usual handling conditions.

    This one can really pack a punch when set to its maximum temperature setting (220°C). It provides vapour clouds to rival even the PAX. But people looking for a milder vaping experience need not worry - you can simply reduce the temperature to one more suited to your preference.

    The quality of the vapour produced is very good, there is no combustion occurring and thus no smoke produced - even on the highest setting. The heating cycle can be activated multiple times on the same material, though eventually it will start to produce smoke if the temperature is high enough.

    We have found that for best results, you should run the first cycle near or on the highest temp. setting, and then reduce the temperature for subsequent cycles. We do not recommend more than three heating cycles on the same material, as eventually, smoke will be produced.

    The device is not quite as sleek in appearance or feel as the Vapormax V, and overall we would rate the Vapormax vaping experience as more pleasant, but for its price, the Titan 2 should definitely not be overlooked!

    We encourage you to find as many reviews for this device as possible before purchasing, so that you can be assured of the device's quality.

    We look forward to bringing you more quality products in the near future!


    -The team at Vape Mate

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    Introducing the Snoop Dogg G Pen!

    We have just stocked our newest product - the Snoop Dogg G Pen. This product was created through a collaboration between Snoop Dogg himself, and Grenco Science - so you can be assured of its quality.

    If you are looking for a nicely functioning vape pen, then this product is for you. It is well designed, and very stylish. Like all other vaporizer pens on the market, combustion is to be expected. These products are simply to small to function as a true vaporizer should. So if you are looking for a device which produces only vapor, then perhaps this product is not for you.

    This pen includes a fully customized design, featuring an artistic Long Beach road map design as a personal homage to the co-creator and legend - Snoop Dogg himself.

    Vaporizer pens are unrivaled in portability and discrete design, able to fit easily into the user's pocket. Perhaps it is for this reason that they have become so popular amongst vaporizer enthusiasts.

    Vape mate is offering this product at an extremely competitive price - you will not find a better deal elsewhere in New Zealand.

    So if this is the type of vape you have been looking for, be sure to buy one from us here at Vape Mate!

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