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    With the recent shift in attitude regarding the consumption of cannabis plants, by now, most people have heard about the prominent chemical found in cannabis sativa-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is the ingredient most sought after in cannabis plants, as it produces a euphoric high among other psychoactive effects for the user. Lately, however, the conversation has been turned over to a different part of the plant, cannabidiol, or CBD.

    This ingredient is every bit as present in cannabis plants as THC, and while the levels do tend to vary from plant to plant, it is typical for around 40% of any given cannabis plant to contain CBD. However, with the ability to engage in selective breeding, growers are able to allow the controversial, psychoactive ingredient, THC, levels to fall to almost nothing, while allowing CBD to become the main make-up of any given variety of plant. This lets medicinal users of cannabis harness the healing properties of the plant without any potentially unwanted side effects from the THC, as CBD is non-psychoactive.

    CBD acts on different pathways of the body, as opposed to THC, as we have seen by testing this agent on animals. Instead of almost solely affecting the mind, as THC does, CBD treats a plethora of bodily symptoms, such as nausea reduction in cancer patients. CBD is often sought out as an assistant in the repression of seizures as well. In several cases, certain, usually incurable types of seizure disorders, such as childhood epilepsy and Dravet syndrome, have been either cured completely, or the seizures have been reduced dramatically with the help of CBD.

    CBD also contains anti-inflammatory properties, aiding in the relief of menstrual cramps, tension headaches, joint pain, as well other symptoms of inflammation. CBD’s analgesic properties are paramount, and in certain instances, have been able to eliminate the user’s dependence on prescription opioid compounds. This is a much safer and non-addictive alternative to everyday pain fighting pharmaceuticals.

    On top of its numerous physical health benefits, CBD has an advantage over the mental health world. It provides relief from the sometimes crippling symptoms of a variety of mental illnesses, such as anxiety and psychosis, and clinical trials have begun in the United Kingdom for treating schizophrenia. All of those wonderful benefits aside, perhaps the most popular reason the recent push for completely legal use is the ability for CBD to act as an active combatant against tumor growth and cancer cells.

    CBD comes in many forms. One may find the desired ingredient in any given cannabis flower (commonly known “green stuff” you see everywhere), or one may prefer to have it extracted and made into hashes and oils (where it is legal to use it, of course). For the flower, ingestion is best without combustion; therefore using an herbal vaporizer is your best bet for consumption of this aspect of the plant. For other, more preferred mediums, such as concentrates and oils, you may take it in a capsule, although it is ideal to use a concentrated oil vaporizer, or an oil vaporizer pen. Inhalation of the vapors delivers the CBD to your system virtually instantaneously, rather than waiting for the digestion process. Having a portable vaporizer for CBD lets you get relief wherever you go, like you would with aspirin. CBD is also free of tar, making CBD oil an even safer alternative in a vape!

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    Vaping is Eco Friendly

    By now, you’ve probably heard a lot about the potential health benefits of vaping instead of smoking, but you might not know that vaporizers and e cigarettes are eco friendly compared to their combustible counterparts. For this edition of the blog, we’re taking a look at how vaping is eco-friendly.

    Think About The Butts

    Now that I have your attention, let’s look at some serious numbers. Every year, people litter the earth with TRILLIONS OF cigarette butts. Not millions. Not billions. Trillions. Cue Austin Powers clip. That’s more than 4,000,000,000 cigarette butts. And what are cigarettes butts made of? If you guessed something terrible and not biodegradable, you’re right. More specifically, cigarette butts are composed of cellulose acetate, which is a thermoplastic polymer. No need to google that; the key word here is: plastic. That plastic can take up to 10 years to decompose. That’s a long time.
    Manufacturing cigarettes also leads to deforestation on the global level. Treehugger states that “one tree is destroyed for every 300 cigarettes.”
    By that standard alone vaping is eco friendly. If you vape e juice, not only will you be smoking something that’s up to 95% less harmful than cigarettes, you’ll also be helping the environment. A disposable vapor cigarette is equal to about a pack and half of smokes. If you vape with e juice, you’re helping even more, since most cartomizers and tanks can be reused several times.

    It’s Not Smoke; It’s Vapor

    Lawmakers and scientists are often quick to restrict vaping under clean air legislation, which suggests that e cigarette vapor is the same thing as secondhand cigarette smoke. It isn’t. A recent study from Barcelona’s 4th Workplace and Indoor Aerosols Conference concluded that “exhaled e-cigarette particles are liquid droplets that evaporate rapidly upon exhalation.” The ground-breaking study also determined that e cigarette vapor evaporates much more quickly than cigarette smoke, which is a plus for Planet Earth, and for those around us.

    So, yes, vaping is eco friendly, especially when compared to smoking. So, Vape away!

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    Why do you need a herbal vaporizer?

    It’s better for you- vaporizers heat up aromatherapy herbs just enough to release its essence, without producing combustion. Your lungs will thank you!

    They are discreet- your clothes, breath and the air around have far less of a scent to those around you. It’s always best to not disturb others while enjoying some aromatherapy.

    A better effect- vaporizers produce a very clean, high minded effect from whatever you choose to vape. You really have to try it to see!

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    How To Choose The Right Vape For Yourself!

    The vape market is exploding with new products - due in part to their rising popularity, as the devices gain widespread attention. With vaporizers of many different sizes, shapes and colors - it can be difficult to choose one that is best suited to your needs - particularly if you are new to the vaping scene.

    This article should help to demystify the vaporizer-buying process, and allow you to make an informed purchase, should you finally decide to see what all the fuss is about, and buy one for yourself!

    We will mainly be discussing 'herbal vaporizers' in this article, though it should be noted that the term 'vaporizer' or 'vape' can refer to any device designed to produce vapour which can be inhaled by the user - including 'e-cigarettes', which are designed to vaporize 'e-liquids' (flavoured liquids which often contain nicotine) as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. Herbal vapes however, are designed to produce vapour through the heating of herbs, as opposed to liquids.

    'So what is so special about vapour?' you may ask. 'And how is it different from smoke?'

    Smoke is the result of combustion (Very high temperature burning of material so that it undergoes a chemical reaction with oxygen in the surrounding air), and consists of a variety of particulates, which are detrimental to our health when ingested.

    Vapour is simply the gaseous version of a liquid. We have all seen water vapour rising from a pot of boiling water, for example. We are able to obtain vapour from herbs, such as tobacco, by gently heating it - so that the liquid within the herb will be converted into vapour. This way, the herb does not undergo combustion - so that only vapour is produced, with none of the harmful carcinogens present in smoke.

    It should be clear then, that inhaling vapour rather that smoke is much better for our health, and so if you are inclined to smoke tobacco and other herbs, and are wary of your health, then you will be much better served by converting to non-combustion inhalation/ingestion methods such as vaporization.

    Now among the herbal vaporizers, there are two main types - 'pen vapes', and 'true vapes'.

    Pen vapes contain an exposed heating coil, which comes into direct contact with the herb - and therefore will cause some combustion to occur. They are generally very light-weight and small - perfect for portability, though unfortunately not much healthier than traditional smoking methods.

    True vapes are those which do not contain an exposed heating coil - but rather, use a small chamber - much like a miniature oven - to gently heat the herb and produce pure vapour. The temperature at which they heat the herb affects the amount of vapour produced, and also the time it takes to produce it. Vaporizers with adjustable temperature settings are useful, as they allow you to find the perfect temperature at which to heat your herb. However, even non-adjustable vapes are suitable, as they are generally designed to reach an optimal temperature for vaporization.

    If you are interested in vaporizing herbal waxes and concentrates, there are also vapes especially designed for this - some of which we sell here at Vape Mate!

    With all of this information in mind, you should carefully read over the product descriptions before buying - to ensure that you find a vape to satisfy your own requirements!

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