The Mars 4-Piece Dry Herb Grinder


The Mars Herb Grinder is a must have accessory for any vaporizer. It’s essential to ensuring efficient vaporization as it increases the surface area of your herbs and leads to better vapor creation.

This 4 part grinder is made  from scratch resistant, flake resistant and unbreakable aircraft grade Anodized Aluminum offering exceptional durability, premium quality and long life.

Quick, Consistent & Noise free grinding due to its perfectly positioned and curved razor sharp teeth. The high quality stainless steel mesh screen filters very fine pollen into the catcher. 

herb grinder has a gear design which offers strong grip making the grinding experience smooth and easy on your hands. We have included powerful neodymium magnetic lid to ensure your herbs remain fresh and odor free.

 Each grinder includes a brush tool, carry bag and scrapper tool.