Alcohol Vaporizer- 5 Reasons Why Vaping Alcohol Rocks!

Alcohol Vaporizer- 5 Reasons Why Vaping Alcohol Rocks!

We have recently introduced The Vape Mate Alcohol Vaporizer ready to taste your favorite spirit!

5. Different buzz

Most of us have been drunk at some point in our lives, some more than others and we know the effect alcohol has on us. Vaporizing alcohol somehow offers a different higher buzz compared to drinking, probably because of how it’s absorbed by the body differently.

4. It is unique

Everybody wants to be different and seen to be doing the latest, newest, unique thing – especially on the party scene. An alcohol vaporizer with spirits covers all of these.

3. It is fun!

Drinking alcohol can be boring and depressing with deep-rooted stigmas attached. Vaporizing alcohol offers a new fun revolutionary way of consuming your favourite liquor.

2. No impurities

With any alcohol production there is an element of impurity: by-products from the manufacturing process, insects and plant life. Vaporizing alcohol removes the impurities and provides a clean and crisp shot of alcohol mist.

1. No calories

Alcohol is extremely calorific and is often attributed to weight gain, especially when a person exceeds their recommended daily allowance . When alcohol is vaped, next to no calories go into the body, meaning that the vaped Martini at lunch will not have to be burnt off in the gym.

Above are five reasons why I think vaping alcohol rocks, it is only my opinion and I like to vape alcohol mainly because I am worried about getting fat and developing a beer belly. Remember though there are dangers involved with vaping alcohol, it is quite easy to give yourself alcohol poisoning as the alcohol is not processed the same as when it is drunk. When vaping alcohol the alcohol is not process by the liver so it goes straight into your bloodstream, this method of delivery gives you no chance of puking up excess alcohol and can quite easily lead to poisoning. It is not advised when vaping alcohol to vape large quantities, a couple of shots is all you need.

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