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    New In NZ - The Flowermate CAP Dry Herb Vaporizer

    New In NZ - The Flowermate CAP Dry Herb Vaporizer

    The new Flowermate Cap NZ is a super small dry herb vape that fits in the palm of your hand. Super discreet, it can be used just about anywhere. The 20 second heat time is sweet, it buzzes when it's ready to and your off. With 8 to 10, 5 minute session on a charge it's perfect for a day on the go.


    There are three heating settings for the unit, 196, 205 & 215C, for the perfect toast each time.



    The Flowermate CAP uses a new and patented glazed stainless steel conduction heating chamber that allows for consistent and fast heating every time.

    All in all it's a neat, effective and inexpensive option for a personal dry vape. Check it out at

    The New VapCap M 2019 Now In NZ

    The New VapCap M 2019 Now In NZ

    The New VapCap M 2019 Now In NZ

    There are many updates to the VapCap M for 2019 NZ is the flash new finish wrapped around the core. The eye-catching design has a pattern that appears to move as you spin the Vapcap 2019 M NZ, which is surprisingly entrancing, particularly after a quick session. Down near the tip, more raised ridges will alert you before your fingers slide too close to anything hot.

    The bottom Vapcap bevel

    A few changes to the air hole’s design might seem cosmetic, but are actually intended to make the 2019 Vapcap M NZ easier to use. The deeper groove makes it easily find the air hole when you need it, and the bevels on the other side let you easily roll your thumb back and forth to tune the flow.

    A different groove

    The pattern on the VapCap NZ 2019 M’s tip is also a little different this year, and the change isn’t just for looks. They funnel the air into the oven from the outside before meeting up with grooves at the end that let the air flow trough the oven. Of course, they also now spell out M on the vape’s tip, which is just a nice touch.

    These are great little pieces and a one flame torch lighter or two flame torch lighter works great to heat these up discreetly when you need it.

    Check it out at -

    Namaste Vapes Na For NZ

    Namaste Vapes Na For NZ

    UK based Namaste Vapes [] has abandoned the NZ market. This company is one of many who represents to be in NZ but ships from AU or other world wide location. Namaste customers often don't know that their purchase will searched by customs and potentially have additional taxes on top. This is a great thing for the Kiwi customer and business transparency. Stay safe out there! 

    Namaste Vapes NZ

    What are Terpenes?

    What are Terpenes?

    For many terpene is a new and unfamiliar term. As science and technology give us an ever better understanding of cannabis and its effects on the human body, we are beginning to see that there is a lot more to cannabis than it’s cannabinoid content.

    Terpenes are fragrant natural oils in the cannabis plant, they give the plan it’s aromatic qualities. These oils are secreted in the cannabis flowers resin glands, the same ones that product THC and CBD. Terpenes are also found in many other fruits, herbs and plants.

    Like cannabinoids, terpenes bind to receptors in the brain and express themselves in many affects.

    This image outlines the properties of six common cannabis terpenes along with a few strains.

    Vapemate Termenes cbd Chart

    Keep in mind that different harvests may create variances in the profile as growing and curing techniques do have an effect on terpene potency.

    The best way to ingest terpenes, to get the best results is to use a low-heat device such as a CBD style vaporizer pen like the XMax Cricket 2.0. This style of ceramic coil vape pen will extract the full and immediate benefit of your terpenes.

    Good luck and enjoy!

    The Vapemate