The VapemateThe legend of the Vapemate goes beyond my mortal existence. I’m not the first Vapemate – merely a caretaker, offering therapeutic compounds for your vaping pleasure.

I was enlightened by the original Vapemate when travelling throughout Asia. I learnt the ways of vaping through mystics and monks, while each evening the original Vapemate would utter, “Good night. Good work. Sleep well. I’ll most likely vape with you in the morning.”

One day, the Vapemate up and left – vaporized into thin air – leaving a trace of weed, along with the keys and the legacy of the Vapemate website in my hands.

I pledged to keep supplying good people like yourself with all your vaping requirements, “As you wish…”

I intend to uphold this site as the original Vapemate would have wanted – stocking sweet vaporizers, vape pens, grinders and accessories for perceptive aromatherapy fans like yourself.

If you have any questions we are happy to help.