Introducing A Cannabis Warning Label For New Zealand

Introducing A Cannabis Warning Label For New Zealand

Introducing A New Zealand Cannabis Warning Label

In a world where cannabis use is increasingly normalised, safety, especially within our homes, becomes paramount. At Vape Mate, your trusted partner in responsible vaping and cannabis consumption in New Zealand, we're excited to introduce our latest initiative: 'The New Zealand Cannabis Warning Label.' This innovative solution is designed to promote safety and awareness in households that use cannabis products.

Why the Warning Label?

Our goal is simple yet vital: to ensure that cannabis products and equipment are clearly marked, reducing the risk of accidental or unintended use. By using these labels, you can easily identify and safeguard your cannabis-related items, from vapes to stash, ensuring they're kept away from those who shouldn't access them, particularly children.

Design and Accessibility

Crafted with a clear, straightforward design, these labels are eye-catching and easily understandable. We believe safety should be accessible to everyone, which is why we're offering these labels as a free download. Simply visit the link at the end of this blog to get your digital copy. Additionally, in our commitment to community safety, next month (February 2024), all orders from Vape Mate will include 10 free stickers with every order. These stickers are an original work by our in house graphic designer and we release this design under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License for others to use in a non commercial capacity.

Community and Safety

The idea behind this initiative extends beyond just a product; it's about fostering a responsible and safety-conscious cannabis community. We encourage everyone to use these labels proactively in their homes and share this resource with friends and family members who can benefit from it.

Additional Safety Solutions

At Vape Mate also understand the importance of safe storage for your cannabis equipment and products. Our Stashlogix stash bags, known for their lockable and smell-proof features, offer an added layer of safety and discretion. They are an ideal complement to the warning labels, providing a complete solution for responsible cannabis storage.

At Vape Mate, we are committed to promoting safety and responsibility in the cannabis community. We believe that these warning labels are a step forward in ensuring a safe environment for everyone. Remember, safety starts with awareness, and with these labels, we hope to make a positive impact in homes across New Zealand.

Download your free here New Zealand Cannabis Warning Label
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