The AirVape Legacy in New Zealand

The AirVape Legacy in New Zealand

We are pleased to be bringing the AirVape Legacy Pro to New Zealand for the first time.

This unit is a beginner to pro level, dry herb & wax or concentrate vape with fast heating, stylish design, exact temperature control and wireless or USB C charging.

AirVape has been making luxury vape units since 2013. They make only super high quality units with cutting edge technology and the Legacy Pro is their flagship product.

The Legacy Pro has a novel side loading design uses a gold bowl and adjustable microdosing disc that allows for the bowl area to be made smaller to effectively heat small amounts up to the normal .25-.50g bowl size.

The side loading door allows access to the 3200 mAh removable battery and the super awesome removable glass air path piece. This air path piece cools and directs the vapour through the unit and can be easily inspected and cleaned.

To use waxes or concentrates with this unit simply drop in the concentrates pad into the bowl and add your product on top of this. The pad is a little metal brillo pad type thing that allows the concentrate to melt into it and evaporate off it’s small size but large service area.

Other bonuses are the removable tool under the cover, which is super handy, and the haptic feedback the unit sends to show it’s up to temp or shutting down at the end of a cycle. Place it on any wireless charger and you’ll always be ready to head out. 

It’s an elegant unit with leather trim, a great shape and a nice heft. You can taste, touch and fell the quality of this unit. All in all a great one.

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