FENiX Mini Dry Herb Vape


FENiX Mini Dry Herb Vape - A legendary vaporizer.

The Fenix Mini Plus is a super-portable vaporizer, perfect for vaping dry herbs as well as concentrates. With expanded temperature control, fast heating, haptic feedback and a glowing green chamber, this vaporizer has a particularly simple design as well as a unique look.

Convection Heating 

Thanks to its advanced convection heating technology, the Fenix Mini generates a more even distribution of heat across the herb material, as the device heats the air before it passes through the chamber allowing for a more consistent flavourful vapour.

Integrated Sensor

The Fenix mini has an intelligent integrated sensor that prevents the device from overheating and overcharging; turning off after four minutes.  The vape also allows you to continue its use while charging; a unique and useful feature.

Its small size and ease of use makes the Fenix Mini a great, affordable, discreet and efficient option. 


  • Discreet Palm-Sized - a little smaller than a playing card
  • Adjustable temperature on an OLED screen from 160°C to 221°C
  • Convection Dominant Hybrid
  • Easy-To-Use 3 Button Interface
  • 1600 mAh Battery
  • Haptic Feedback
  • Clear OLED Screen
  • Mesh Stainless-Steel Screen
  • Fast USB 2.0 Charging
  • Fully Isolated Stainless-Steel Air-Path

Technical Specifications

  •  Size: 80.0mm * 25.0mm * 50.0mm
  •  Heating Chamber: Aluminium
  •  Temperature setting:  160°C to 221°C (320°F to 430°F) 
  •  Battery power: 1600 mAh
  •  Warm-up time: only 25 seconds
  •  Function: Convection
  •  Display: OLED Digital
  •  Used for: Dry herb, Wax, Extract, Oil

What’s in the Box?

  • 1 x FENiX Mini Plus Vaporizer
  • 1 x Mouthpiece O-Ring & Screen
  • 1x Quartz concentrate Cup
  • 1 x Airpath Clean Brush
  • 1 x Loading Tweezers
  • 1 x Chamber Stick
  • 1 x USB-2.0 Cable
  • 1 x Instruction Manual