XMax V3 Pro Nano Dry Herb Vaporizer


Looking for a simple-to-use vape that gets the job done? Look no further than XMAX's new V3 Nano! This extremely compact device has stripped back the dry herb experience to its core and is absolutely perfect for users unfamiliar with aromatherapeutic devices!

The compact size of this device cannot be understated; the V3 Nano is one of the smallest heat-not-burn devices available! At just over 13cm tall, the V3 Nano is ultra-portable if the mouthpiece is kept safe in a storage container or travel bag!

The V3 Nano is a session vapouriser; allowing you to enjoy your herb at a set temperature over the course of a three-minute session before automatically deactivating. This ultimately means using the device is as simple as loading the chamber, turning it on, and inhaling once it's at temperature! 

Pre-installed with a non-removable 1000mAh battery, quickly recharged via USB-C, the V3 Nano offers up to 6 sessions per charge. The V3 Nano keeps you in the know on your current battery level with a simple LED indicator;

  • Green = 100-70% Battery
  • White = 70-40% Battery
  • Red = <40% Battery

After loading the herb chamber, press the power button 3 times to turn on the device and begin heating, once the device is at the temperature for vaping the LED will glow a solid colour and notify you with two haptic taps. 

This flower-only device can hold up to 0.1g of herb and utilises a silver-plated heating chamber to heat your herb. Each session begins at 200°C and gradually increases to 220°C to ensure your flower is optimally extracted.

The V3 Nano uses XMAX's famous ceramic zirconia glass for the mouthpiece; delivering a cool and flavourful vapour. The mouthpiece is held with a simple press-fit and is held securely via silicone o-rings. 

Vapers looking for a device that is functional without unnecessary embellishments will love the V3 Nano for its straightforward approach and dense vapour production! Whether you're a medicinal user looking for a foolproof device, or an experienced user looking for an ultra-portable vapouriser!


  • Dry Herb only
  • Simple & user-friendly session vapouriser
  • Pre-set temperature with 3-minute sessions
  • Single-button operation
  • Haptic feedback
  • Automatic shutoff after each session


  • Capacity: 0.1g Dry Herb Chamber 
  • Heating System: Silver-plated chamber, Ceramic Zirconium Vapour Pathway, 200-220°C 
  • Heat-up Time: 30 Seconds
  • Battery Type: Built-in 1000mAh Lithium-Pol Battery
  • Charging Time: 1 Hour
  • Dimensions: 133 x 20 x 20mm 
  • Weight: 52 grams
  • 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

In the box:

  • 1x XMAX V3 Nano Vapouriser
  • 1x USB-C Charging Cable
  • 4x Alcohol Cleaning Pads
  • 2x Replacement O-Rings
  • 1x Stirring Tool
  • 1x Brush Tool
  • 3x Cotton Swabs
  • 2x Replacement Mesh Screens