Stashlogix Silverton Lockable Stash Case - Small

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Stashlogix Silverton Lockable Stash Case NZ

Inspired by the Colorado town of Silverton, famous for its mining and herbal heritage, The Silverton Lockable Stash Case Silverton goes above and beyond with its smell-proof and lockable carry case.

Heavy Duty

Perfect for travel, this was designed with strength in mind. The case is equipped with a hard shell to protect your fragile items and The Silverton’s moveable dividers also make it perfectly customisable to your needs.

Odour Control

Completely odour free, The Silverton’s “silver lining”, along with the rubbers seals, blocks odours and is easily cleanable! It also includes a metal poker and an OdourPax (odour absorbing packet).


Each bag comes with a programmable 3-digit lock that is easy to use yet hard to crack. 

Guaranteed Forever

Stashlogix are so confident with their innovative design and durability of that bag that they provide a lifetime warrantee. This original odour-free, lockable design is unique and uses the highest-grade materials to create the best smell proof bag on the market.

Features and Specifications 

  • OdorPax (activated bamboo carbon)
  • Infinitely adjustable and removable interior divider system
  • Newly upgraded combination lock
  • Rubber gasket sealing system
  • "Silver lining" easily cleanable, odour-trapping, and heat-resistant
  • Exterior fabric - linen
  • Size: Small: OD 7.5" L x 4 1/2" W x 3 1/2” H

What’s in the Box?

  • 1x - Small Silverton by StashLogix
  • 1x - Metal poker for setting code on the lock