Honest 505 Torch Lighter


Honest 505 Torch Lighter is more torch than lighter.

This one is an intense flame that stays one when you start it until turned off. Unlike some of the other lighters that will light only when the button is pressed.

It is ideal for dab rigs, quartz bangers and nectar collectors.

This torch lighters has and adjustable flame and piezo ignitor.

The flame shoots out when the button is pressed but then ceases when released.

It holds a lot of butane and works for a very long time on a charge.

This thing is very impressive in person. Nice to hold, looks great, high quality great performance. This thing is awesome, you need to see it to believe.

Simple, solid and reliable. This is a refillable, windproof lighter that burns with a high intensity blue flame. This unit is refillable with a can of butane, these cans are available just about anywhere tobacco is sold. One can has a hundred or more refills.