Nectar Collector Honey Straw For Cannabis Wax Oil Concentrate


Everything you need to dab and go! Nectar Collector NZ

Designed for cannabis oils, waxes and concentrates, this simple yet elegant pipe features the innovative nectar collector design, a four-slit bubbler chamber, a removable straw mouthpiece, a titanium tip and quartz interchangeable dab tip piece.

Works equally well with and without a little cooling water.

This kit is the perfect entry to a world of the cleanest, water-cooled, tastiest dab rips hands down!

Step 1: Put wax on a dish

Step 2: Torch heat the quartz or titanium tip

Step 3: Melt the wax with the heated tip

Step 4: Smoke being filtered in the middle glass piece


Heat the tip, dip into concentrate in the glass dish (that is included). Since it is water filtered it has the smoothest concentrate hit there is, not harsh like a traditional nail so you can take a huge hit. If you like that hard hit can also be used without filling with water.

What you get:

  • Clear Tube Body 
  • 10mm Female Ground Joint
  • 10mm Mouth Piece
  • 10mm Titanium Tip 
  • 10mm Quartz Tip
  • Retaining Clip
  • Glass Dish