Terp Slurper Quartz Banger Set


The joint and bucket are full-weld which makes the banger significantly more durable.  The top cup is beveled so the top marble rest flawlessly on top as the carb cap.  The bottom dish is the surface that gets heated up and dabbed on.

The three perfectly placed air holes on the bottom work together to create a venturi airflow into the lower chamber of the slurper and the pill-shaped terp bead does a perfect job of retaining heat & vaporizing your concentrates. The flared dish with its enormous surface area and heavy, thick bottom provides excellent heat retention for such a tasteful looking terp slurper banger. 


What you get:

  • 1x 14mm Male 90° Terp Slurper Quartz Banger Set 
  • 1x Marble Directional Cap
  • 1x Pill-Shaped Terp Bead