Vaporizer Health Benefits

Why use a vaporizer instead of smoking your blends? Smoking isn't ideal because it requires combustion, which not only damages the lungs, but also wastes the active ingredients in your blends; vaporizing tastes better, saves you money and it's better for you! The respiratory hazards of smoke are due to toxic by-products of combustion, not the active ingredients in the herb. Combustion is the process of igniting and burning plant material, creating smoke which can lead to lung cancer and many other respiratory disorders. Holding in smoke after inhaling absorbs even more tar and noxious chemicals into the lungs.

By contrast, vaporizing is the process of heating plant material to 190- 230° c, just below the point of combustion. This process extracts the full-flavor active compounds and purity of the plant material. Vaporizing emits a vapor that is 95% smoke and carcinogen-free. With vaporization, you only need to take small, shallow puffs to get noticeable therapeutic effects. Not only is vaporizing healthier for you, but it's better for your wallet. In addition to the health concerns, smoking also burns your ingredients faster. By vaporizing, you only need to use a fraction of the material you normally would in order to get significant results.

If you want to save money and improve your health, stop smoking and start vaporizing today!

Over the years, numerous studies have proved that vaporizers have numerous health benefits and are a much healthier alternative to smoking. The reason for this is that they heat the blends at a much lower temperature, instead of burning them. While vaporizers are highly beneficial to people who have been prescribed for medical purposes, they are also beneficial for all smokers. Many scientific studies have examined vaporizers and the results all state that the release of harmful constituents is dramatically reduced or completely eliminated when they are used.