Dulytek Rosin Press Parchment Paper


Dulytek 50-Sheet Rosin Press Parchment Paper, Pre-Cut 10" x 7"

Dulytek® 50-Sheet Rosin Press Parchment Paper is a must-have item for herbal oil extraction. It is non-stick, heat resistant, fully compost-able, and reusable up to 2 to 4 times. Feel free to use it when pressing rosin, baking, steaming, for wrapping food in place of foil and wax paper, or just fold it to make a DIY pastry bag.

Each Pack Contains 50 Pre-Cut 10" x 7" Parchment Paper Sheets
Non-Stick; Hot-Plate Safe; Heat Resistant UP To 425°F - 450°F
Double-Side Coated with Pure Eco-Friendly Silicone; Safe to Use with Scrapers
A Must-Have Item for Solventless Wax Extraction
Made by Natural Materials; Reusable up to 2-4 times
Thickness: 35lbs / 52gsm