The Genius Bowl


Wouldn’t it be great traveling without worrying about a glass bowl breaking in your bag? Or even just cleaning your piece without the bowl piece at risk of shattering? Look no further than the Genius Bowl.

This 14mm bowl piece will meet all your smoking needs without breaking the bank. Accidents happen, and you shouldn’t have to keep paying for a new bowl every time you drop yours.

Made of the highest quality materials available, this bowl won’t get any hotter during use than its glass counterparts, and it’s completely shatterproof. Unlike most glass bowls, this bowl piece includes a thermal protection grip guard to ensure you can safely dispose of ash between bowls comfortably.

Ultra sleek shatterproof 14mm bowl is precision crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum and 304 surgical stainless steel. It fits and work perfectly with the Chill Steel Pipe available only at