XMAX Qomo Portable Electric Dab Rig


If you're on the lookout for a budget-friendly and pocket-sized e-rig, your search ends with the XMAX QOMO. This portable dab rig stands at a mere 5 inches tall, effortlessly fitting into the palm of your hand while delivering dense and flavorful vapor clouds.

The Qomo Mini Electric Dab Rig from XMAX comes equipped with a carb cap featuring a built-in dab tool, allowing you to easily scoop up your concentrate and place it back into the chamber. The compact size of the bubbler means you only need a small amount of water, easily sourced from a water bottle. For added convenience, if you have a vape case, you can carry the Qomo and some vaporizer accessories wherever you go.

Operating the Qomo is straightforward with just three commands assigned to the power button, enhancing its user-friendly design:

  • Three taps power on the Qomo.
  • Two taps cycle through the three pre-set temperatures: 280°C, 320°C, and 350°C.
  • One tap initiates a 20-second heating cycle for the atomizer.

The combination of the Qomo's small size and integrated dab tool makes it particularly appealing to beginners and medicinal users due to its simplicity.

Despite its petite atomizer and bubbler, the Qomo Mini Electric Dab Rig by XMAX is capable of producing substantial clouds at any of its three pre-set temperatures. If you're a consumer on the go seeking a portable dab rig solution, the Qomo provides a reliable option without breaking the bank.