The Titan 2 - Vape Mate's Honest Review

After sampling this vaporizer, we decided we needed to include it in our range! 

Admittedly, we weren't expecting much from such an inexpensive vaporizer - but boy were we proven wrong!

It is an exceptionally sturdy device, looking as if it is truly built to last. You needn't worry about toting this vaporizer around in your bag/pocket - its solid design means it can withstand even rougher than usual handling conditions.

This one can really pack a punch when set to its maximum temperature setting (220°C). It provides vapour clouds to rival even the PAX. But people looking for a milder vaping experience need not worry - you can simply reduce the temperature to one more suited to your preference.

The quality of the vapour produced is very good, there is no combustion occurring and thus no smoke produced - even on the highest setting. The heating cycle can be activated multiple times on the same material, though eventually it will start to produce smoke if the temperature is high enough.

We have found that for best results, you should run the first cycle near or on the highest temp. setting, and then reduce the temperature for subsequent cycles. We do not recommend more than three heating cycles on the same material, as eventually, smoke will be produced.

The device is not quite as sleek in appearance or feel as the Vapormax V, and overall we would rate the Vapormax vaping experience as more pleasant, but for its price, the Titan 2 should definitely not be overlooked!

We encourage you to find as many reviews for this device as possible before purchasing, so that you can be assured of the device's quality.

We look forward to bringing you more quality products in the near future!


-The team at Vape Mate

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