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    News — Herbal

    The New VapCap M 2019 Now In NZ

    The New VapCap M 2019 Now In NZ

    The New VapCap M 2019 Now In NZ

    There are many updates to the VapCap M for 2019 NZ is the flash new finish wrapped around the core. The eye-catching design has a pattern that appears to move as you spin the Vapcap 2019 M NZ, which is surprisingly entrancing, particularly after a quick session. Down near the tip, more raised ridges will alert you before your fingers slide too close to anything hot.

    The bottom Vapcap bevel

    A few changes to the air hole’s design might seem cosmetic, but are actually intended to make the 2019 Vapcap M NZ easier to use. The deeper groove makes it easily find the air hole when you need it, and the bevels on the other side let you easily roll your thumb back and forth to tune the flow.

    A different groove

    The pattern on the VapCap NZ 2019 M’s tip is also a little different this year, and the change isn’t just for looks. They funnel the air into the oven from the outside before meeting up with grooves at the end that let the air flow trough the oven. Of course, they also now spell out M on the vape’s tip, which is just a nice touch.

    These are great little pieces and a one flame torch lighter or two flame torch lighter works great to heat these up discreetly when you need it.

    The Odin Comes to New Zealand

    The Odin Comes to New Zealand

    The Odin is a sweet, full convection herbal vape with great form, power and efficiency. It is the perfect mix of high convection heat and superior battery life. A great piece to have around.

    The Odin has an extremely high build quality, a fully isolated air path, a high tech fluted spiral convection air heating path, an in chassis mouthpiece storage area, digital heat regulator, OLED screen and light weight aluminum frame.

    It is a very impressive unit. We have been battle testing the Odin for weeks while working with Mike from Topbond, the inventor of the Odin. We are in love with it. It looks awesome, has a great heft in the hand, the battery life is very good and the performance has been stellar. And at $164.69, it is a great deal.

    All hail the Odin! (a great god to make sacrifices to)


    Herbal Atomizer- The Mr. Bald T

    Herbal Atomizer- The Mr. Bald T

    A herbal atomizer is a sophisticated tank specially designed for vaping medical marijuana or marijuana dry herbs, concentrates, waxes and oils, where it’s legal, without the side effects caused by combustion.

    Like all good atomizers the Mr. Bald T is made of ceramics, stainless steel and high-quality glass, which are sturdy and safe. The addition of glass not only looks nice, but it also allows you to watch the vapor flow from chamber to mouthpiece, which is pretty amazing.

    No matter vaping for medicinal purposes or for recreation, all you want to do is just relax. The most annoying thing for a vaper is having to refill the tank as soon as they start enjoying their vape. The Mr. Bald T has a large heating chamber will hold more concentrates so you can go for longer between refills.

    Just make sure the tank is compatible with your mod, it will work with most, but not all. The Mr. Bald T has a 510 thread and the mod must be able to produce 19-30W. If you use more than 30W it will short out the ceramic heating dish, a spare one comes with the unit.

    Great review of the Vital

    Great review of the Vital

    "Very pleased heats quick charges quick nice clean taste 10 out of 10 best I've had aND very reasonable price HIGHLY RECOMMEND many thanks"

    Thanks H. T.!

    You can find the Xmax Vital here

    Interview with the Vapman

    Interview with the Vapman


    We here at Vape Mate got a chance to talk to this guy, René Balli the inventor and craftsman behind the Vapman vaporizer, and he is awesome.

    Rene created the most unique vape on the market and turned it into a global business. Helping people enjoy their herbs with a tight and efficient little machine.

    He was nice enough to run us through the ideal operation of the Vapman and give us his five tips on it’s use.

    • Squeeze- The proper way to open the egg shaped carrying case is to give it a gentle squeeze at the seam and it pops open. We had been trying to twist, like a bunch of idiots, so this one was really helpful.
    • Don’t Stress- Try not to stress the mouthpiece and golden cone part or it could become misaligned from the optimal position. Don’t carry the Vapman unprotected in your pocket or backpack, use the carry case and you’ll be sweet.
    • Don’t Overflow- The Vapman is super efficient and effective but it’s not a party bowl you can fit an 8th in. A good pinch of fine ground product will do the trick, any more and you won’t get a good seal and it will stress the retaining clips.
    • Tip to Tip- The tip of the blue flame from the torch lighter should just touch the tip of the gold cone, and only for a few seconds. We had been swirling and waving the thing all over the place, incorrect says Rene. The gold plated copper cone is a hyper efficient heat conductor, holding it steady on the tip will allow it to heat quickly and evenly.
    • Mop it up- Empty the Vapman while it’s still warm and try to give it a quick wipe out  to keep the cone and screen clean and pristine for life. Leaving the product in while it cools will cause some residue buildup.

      Rene says that the Vapman is like driving a fine car or making a great cup of coffee, it takes some practice and attention but it’s worth the effort, we very much agree.

      Thank you Rene!

      To get a Vapman of your own visit VapeMate.co.nz. Good luck and happy vaping!