I quit vaping and it was awesome

As a healthy non-smoker who took up vaping for six months and quit, I have a unique experience to share. In this three piece article I’ll run through why I started, what I experienced and what it was like to quit vaping.

Why I started

When I took up vaping I wasn’t trying to quit smoking, I hadn’t smoked in 15 years and had no desire to start again. I was attracted to vaping for it’s qualities, not as a substitute but as it’s own unique experience.

I was doing some website updates for VapeMate.co.nz and those folks were nice enough to give me a test unit when I asked what vaping was like.

The warm vapor, the exotic taste, the calm quiet break to go outside and think, and the very pleasant but not too intense buzz all added up to a winning combination in my book. I adopted vaping into my life and it was sweet.

I loved that you could have this great personal experience and immediately interact with other people and they didn’t know, you didn’t smell or look any different afterwards. There wasn’t anything that marked you out as one of the others, the smokers.

It felt great. The nicotine buzz I got from vaping, just 4mg at the time, was very pleasant, not so strong that it was intoxicating but enough so that you definitely felt it and always wanted a bit more. Physically it didn’t seem to hold me back at all, I continued to cycle and play sport with the same intensity without feeling that the vape was interfering at all.

Next time- As a non smoker what observations did I have after five months of vaping and why I recommend everyone should take up vaping and in time, give it up.

Paul- Web Admin for VapeMate.co.nz

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