I quit vaping and it was awesome II

As a healthy non-smoker who took up vaping and quit, I wanted to share my experience.

I love to vape. It is fantastic. The taste, the smell, the feel, the buzz all come together to create a really great user experience. Everyone should do it, for a while.

After about two months of vaping I had settled on a set up that would become my war horse, a KangerTech Topbox Platinum with a  Subtank Plus atomizer head, to dispense my favorite juice, the Chilled Kiwi from Long White Vapour. Life was good.

I was consuming a modest 8mg of nicotine and going through between 30-50ml of e-liquid per week.

After a few weeks or months there was a certain thickness in the lungs that starts to creep in. Not the heavy, out of breath, sticky lung feeling one gets from smoking tobacco, a much more mild thickness.

While I was able to cycle, play rugby and exercise generally just a well as befor I started vaping, but I found myself choosing to do these thing less and less often. This included playing run-around games with the kids and bike commuting to work. “I could do that but, fuck it, I could use that time for a quick vape”.

I began to notice and then resent the “I have to go do this” action of getting up and going outside to administer some vape to my head. It is incredibly fun and enjoyable to vape, I love it, but when it got to be a drag and I wasn’t taking the time to notice the taste and feeling, I knew it was time to take a break.

Quitting, giving up for good or just taking a break, was part of the experience. I wanted to stop and see what it was like. I remember quitting smoking being pretty lame but with e-liquid there was only one active ingredient that my body was used to, surly quitting that would be much easier. Right?

Next time: I quit vaping cold turkey, what is it like and how long does it take.

Thanks for reading and happy vaping!

Paul from VapeMate NZ

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