The SwiftPro Review

The SwiftPro Review

This unit is the latest vaping tech and it is sweet.


What makes the SwiftPro different is that it super heats the incoming air before it reaches the chamber. The heated air passes through the plant material, toasting it on demand, so it’s not vaping when you're not drawing. The plant material is contained with a large, wide screen at the bottom and at the top, allowing for a very easy draw.


The experience is fantastic. The vapor is so cool and smooth, you wonder if your getting anything but you exhale big billows of thick vape cloud. One of our reviewers, a seasoned veteran, was taken by surprise, inhaled way too much and promptly coughed his shit all over the place. But once you have the hang of it,  a medium duration easy, lung hit inhale on the unit gives great results.


With our test unit we swabbed out the new parts with isopropyl alcohol and then ran it a full temp four times to eliminate any residual oils and to heat treat the parts. The first run did have a kind of new-car undertones. After this however the taste was really good, you could get the fruity notes from the product even at a full 230°. The bowl size is generous and worked equally well fully filled as with a smaller, pinch sized, personal amount.


The feel of the unit is great. It’s much lighter than the V5.0S. The mouthpiece is at a pleasing angle and the unit fits well in the hand.


With all of this power and portability the unit had to make sacrifices somewhere. With this unit it is battery life. We were able to get 12 full power, 4 minute heating cycles. While this was plenty for several sessions, you would want to bring the charging cable or a mobile external battery if you were planning all day use.


The SwiftPro is the best vaporizer we have ever tested and certainly worth a try.


Check it out to get one for yourself.


Good luck and happy vaping!

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