The XMax V3 Pro now in NZ

The XMax V3 Pro now in NZ

XMax has made the V3 Pro for people who want a budget-friendly and lightweight vape that is highly portable. The slim design is perfect for using outdoors discreetly or just for something easy to handle in your hand or pocket.

The XMax V3 Pro NZ is also versatile in that it excels with dry herb and has a great concentrate insert cup that works really well. The full convection and fast heat time make a great vape for most users.

This new version has an on-demand mode. This “session” mode only heats the concentrate/herb when the button is pressed. This is great for small amounts or microdosing cannabis.

The V3 is a convection vape, meaning heat is only applied to air before passing through the herbs or concentrate. This gives better flavour and more even vaping of the material. The vapour is then led through and isolated air path and metal baffles pisces that cools the vapour and keeps the mouthpiece from getting hot.

The V3 Pro comes with a standard four minute heating period or can be change to a six minute heat period when on the standard heat mode.

Xmax is known for making quality products that stand the test of time. The Aluminum constructed out and reliable internal workings make it a long lasting unit. The 18650 battery can be changed out for a spare or new battery.

All in all it has a lot of great features we look for in a vape and we look forward to carrying this one for a long time to come. Thank you and happy vaping!

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